Another drive home

Sorghum field outside of Lexington, NC on October 7, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

I was on the search for a tree to use for my final composite assignment, when I came across this amazing view. I did not have a tall pair of boots on to venture out into this field to get a closer shot of the dead tree in the middle but I think this photo will do. I love the Fall and its beauty. This was a perfect day, amazing clouds and great weather. I wish these days would stick around for a while.

Whether you are on a mission or just out enjoying the day, if you see something like this, stop and take it all in. Enjoy the scene!

Loving the hints of Fall

The hint of Fall

After the blazing hot Summer of 2019, I am ready for Fall to begin. How could anyone not love the cooler days and nights along with the colors that start appearing? Fall is my favorite. I can almost smell a pumpkin pie in my near future!

I drove by this little farm near Tobaccoville, NC today and saw this beautiful sight. Of course, I drove like a mad person to get turned around to be able to get this pic. This reminds me of my days of growing up on a farm in Little Falls, NY. I loved the beauty of the farm life and miss the simpler life.

It’s ready to unleash

storm clouds

The newest assignment to try out for the first time is, the photo a day. I am excited for this as it will get me touching my camera everyday and chasing after something new. I did not plan to shoot a landscape photo today as I was after a shot of a person but I could not pass this up.

I believe this storm is how the immediate future is going to be as we get new assignments in the Photojournalism and Multimedia classes. Remind you, they are not the only classes.

I tried to stay in front of this storm but it came up quick and told me to start running. I will try to weather the storm and if I am lucky, I will see the sun again. Keep running Grainger!

My new vision

sunset and silhouette

This is a new week and a new semester at RCC. This new semester is also the beginning of my 2nd year and a new concentration. I have made the decision to study Photojournalism. I know this is going to be a busy year and lots of challenges. With these challenges, I hope I find growth and new knowledge.

My journey so far has helped me to believe in myself and has helped me find the person I would like to be. It is time to place one foot in front of the other, push forward and make it to the top.

The following quote seems fitting each time a milestone is reached. It’s amazing how things do not seem as big once they are conquered. Here’s to a great 2nd year!

Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” by Dag Hammarskjold.

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