When this assignment came along, I was ready to quit. How in the world does this happen to a picture and when it does, how do you fix it? I usually jump right on a new assignment to try to get ahead. Not this one! I made my first attempt and had totally messed up the process. I debated and decided, I will start from the beginning. I spent almost one whole day getting basic stuff done and spent part of the next day working on this poor man’s face and tweaking the jacket.


Paul was definitely a challenging assignment but when all said and done, I am happy with how he turned out. Far from perfect but better than he was. I think Paul would be happy too.

Fashion Week 2019

A model posing outside of the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center for the Fashion Week 2019 in Greensboro, NC October 3, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

This week has consisted of many late nights and very little sleep. But it is a price you pay when trying to step out and get some new photos and hopefully something to add to a portfolio. I am sharing one photo from the Fashion Week 2019 event in Greensboro, NC. This event is just one of many during this Fall semester.

This was an easy place to take photos! The models, of course, love the attention they get from the camera. With each click they hear they are reposing, showing some sassiness and “the look”.  

Hopefully the photos I took will give me something to work with for the assignment.

Soccer Daze

North Davidson’s Christopher Elder (right) traps the ball against Salisbury’s Christopher Portillo at North Davidson High School on September 25, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

This week has been an interesting one. We are finally putting together our bull rider documentary and starting to shoot soccer. I have not looked at a soccer ball or watched the sport since my kids played about 6 years ago. Some people hate the sport but I still find it interesting.

It’s funny how I looked at photos after taking them thinking, “I missed it a little bit but these are great!” LOL. Then comes along Jay Capers. He drills it into our heads, must have two players, must have the ball and great facial expression could amp it up a bit. I am sharing this picture taken at my first go-round of soccer for Soccer #1. Perfect, NO but I think I managed to capture a good expression on the kid watching the ball hit his opponent. I just wish the opponent had turned his face a little bit so I could get that expression. Maybe next time.

Bernie Sanders

A UNC student, Rania Hassan, cheers at a Bernie Sanders rally at UNC-Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC on September 19, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

A little over a week ago, I decided to go to Chapel Hill and gather some photos during the Bernie Sanders rally with a fellow student. It was my first ever political rally. I am not a Bernie fan and honestly hate the whole political thing but I really wanted to check this out. We were able to play the part and got some press passes. Sneaky girls!

I loved watching the people and how they reacted. Overall it was pretty laid back and no haters that I could see. I will definitely be attending another and hopefully see a little more craziness.

Bull rider documentary

Clay Guiton takes a break after doing chores on his family’s in Cherryville, NC on September 11, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

Meet Clay everyone! A couple of us went to see Clay Guiton for the first time and started to film our documentary. Over the next couple of weeks we will get to attend different rodeos that Clay will be riding in. Let’s hope he gives us a good show and lets us experience what he does best.

I cannot wait to see how this documentary unfolds. I think we have something amazing with Clay and his story. The next few months will be a little chaotic trying to piece this together and get it to say what we would like it to.

This young man is going somewhere and I am proud to be a small part of his journey.

A little help

Helping a Friend

I had the pleasure of stumbling upon this sweet man yesterday. I was driving home from school, looking for my “photo a day”. I saw this man out of the corner of my eye. I decided to pull into a parking lot and wait for a second. He made his way around the corner and started his climb up a somewhat steep hill. In a car it is not all that noticeable but in a wheelchair? It would be hard on me, definitely for him. He was tip toeing, inching his way along. He was making it, but barely.

I could see it was a struggle so I decided to help him along. I still have a hard time approaching someone I do not know but he seemed pretty harmless. Why not make a new friend!

I think he was rather shocked when I walked up to him and asked if he would like some help to the top. He replied without hesitation, “yes I would.” I think he enjoyed giving his legs a break as I pushed him along. We made some small talk before reaching the top. His quiet voice was hard to understand but I believe he said his name was Bill Williams.

When parting ways, I asked if he minded if I took his picture. He said “yes you can.” As I drove away, we both waved as though it was a “see you soon”.

Friday Night Football

Friday Night Football

Last week we had the privilege of getting onto the sidelines of a local high school team to capture some action shots. I was nervous going in not knowing totally what to expect. Let me remind you, I occasionally watch football and join in on some football pools (I have won!) but I have not shot a single football picture since my son played about 6 or 7 years ago.

Our main focus was getting 5 action shots. Easier said than done when these boys are all over the place and I am shooting with the big gun (300mm f/2.8).

Friday Night Football

I am in love with being on the sidelines. It does not matter what sport it is. Bring on football #2 this Friday!

One of my favorites

Firefighter Training, Asheboro NC

I am not sure what it is that draws me to this picture. She was one of only two or three women that were training amongst the guys. Was this a look of worry or determination? Will she pass or will she fail? She is training to be the best she can be and if she pushes through she will make it.

I feel like I am in the same situation. A field that is populated by more men than women. Inside, I tremble with the thought of possible failure. Hopefully, how I feel is not shown or reflected in what I do. I am training to be what I want to be and what I love to do. Why do I let the thing I love to do most, freak me out at times. Will this all pass in time? Man, I hope so.

I believe this lady firefighter is determined. So am I.

Keep reaching

“It’s only practice folks!” Asheboro NC

So it’s the beginning of our 2nd week in Photojournalism. We are continuing on with our photo a day. It was a struggle to say the least trying to come up with ideas of things to photograph this past weekend. Not things, events. Events with people. People who are strangers. Strangers doing something that is giving me a reason to take their photo.

Rain delays and what I thought would be an exciting place to take a photo turned into a bust. Pick up and carry on. Drive aimlessly, still searching for that moment. Moments will happen in the right place, at the right time.

This photo was taken today. Frozen in time. He missed the shot but hey, it was just practice!

My new vision

sunset and silhouette

This is a new week and a new semester at RCC. This new semester is also the beginning of my 2nd year and a new concentration. I have made the decision to study Photojournalism. I know this is going to be a busy year and lots of challenges. With these challenges, I hope I find growth and new knowledge.

My journey so far has helped me to believe in myself and has helped me find the person I would like to be. It is time to place one foot in front of the other, push forward and make it to the top.

The following quote seems fitting each time a milestone is reached. It’s amazing how things do not seem as big once they are conquered. Here’s to a great 2nd year!

Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” by Dag Hammarskjold.

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