Another drive home

Sorghum field outside of Lexington, NC on October 7, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

I was on the search for a tree to use for my final composite assignment, when I came across this amazing view. I did not have a tall pair of boots on to venture out into this field to get a closer shot of the dead tree in the middle but I think this photo will do. I love the Fall and its beauty. This was a perfect day, amazing clouds and great weather. I wish these days would stick around for a while.

Whether you are on a mission or just out enjoying the day, if you see something like this, stop and take it all in. Enjoy the scene!

Above the Fog

Fog in the Valley

Things have definitely changed over the past five years but one thing for sure, I will never forget this view. I lived most of my life in Upstate NY as did most of my relatives before finding my way to a warmer climate. Life there was normal or so it seemed. I guess you just get used to what you see and what is around you. Not that any one place is more perfect that another but living in NY had its challenges. The cold Winter would set in as early as late September and if you were lucky, may break by Memorial day. Snow can be a beautiful thing until it doesn’t stop for days. With all the yucky weather, came lots of work. Just imagine shoveling snow with no end in sight. Weather may not have always been pleasant but there were the perks of a beautiful scene.

This was the view from the back of my house. Absolutely amazing to see when you wake up and get your coffee.

I hope you enjoy my view from the mountain that overlooks the valley between Norwich and Sherburne, NY.

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