Fashion Week 2019

A model posing outside of the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center for the Fashion Week 2019 in Greensboro, NC October 3, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

This week has consisted of many late nights and very little sleep. But it is a price you pay when trying to step out and get some new photos and hopefully something to add to a portfolio. I am sharing one photo from the Fashion Week 2019 event in Greensboro, NC. This event is just one of many during this Fall semester.

This was an easy place to take photos! The models, of course, love the attention they get from the camera. With each click they hear they are reposing, showing some sassiness and “the look”.  

Hopefully the photos I took will give me something to work with for the assignment.

Bernie Sanders

A UNC student, Rania Hassan, cheers at a Bernie Sanders rally at UNC-Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC on September 19, 2019. (photo by Janis M. Grainger)

A little over a week ago, I decided to go to Chapel Hill and gather some photos during the Bernie Sanders rally with a fellow student. It was my first ever political rally. I am not a Bernie fan and honestly hate the whole political thing but I really wanted to check this out. We were able to play the part and got some press passes. Sneaky girls!

I loved watching the people and how they reacted. Overall it was pretty laid back and no haters that I could see. I will definitely be attending another and hopefully see a little more craziness.

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